Your Guide to LG Hi-Macs Worktops

Here at J and C Solid Surfaces in Blackpool and Fylde, we are specialists in bespoke solid surfaces. One of our favourite materials to work with is the LG Hi-Macs range. But what exactly is this material? And how can it be used?

The benefits to LG Hi-Macs

This material has all the same benefits of granite, marble, or other stone worktops, but it also has additional benefits.
LG Hi-Macs is created by blending stone with acrylic. This means that it is completely hygienic, and absolutely non-porous. As a result, LG Hi-Macs surfaces do not allow germs and bacteria to thrive on your worktop.

In addition, this solid surface is fully stain resistant and doesn’t need any maintenance.

The uses of LG Hi-Macs

In industry, this surface material has been used for a huge variety of purposes. From bars to hospitals it has a huge range of uses. Much of this comes down to its ability to be shaped easily. An LG Hi-Macs surface doesn’t just have to be a simple kitchen worktop, it curves amazingly too and can be shaped into solid, one piece:

  • chairs
  • desks
  • bars
  • counters
  • wall cladding

LG Hi-Macs Worktops

LG Hi-Macs worktops can be shaped into a range of unique and stylish designs. These include:

  • the bullnose design- which is completely rounded at one or both ends depending on your preference
  • the sharknose design- which has an overlap at the top, the same way a sharks nose juts out above the teeth
  • the waterfall design- which is raised around the edge

There are also many other designs that can be created to suite any individual home or commercial property.

In summary

If you are looking for a stylish and practical solid surface, LG Hi-Macs could be the perfect material for you. Why not contact J and C Solid Surfaces, specialists in solid surfaces, in Blackpool and Fylde?

Debunking Corian

solid surface installation

There are many myths surrounding Corian. This is because of its superior design qualities. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. But this is not the case when it comes to Corian. A combination of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer, Corian is a fantastic solid surface. Here at J and C Solid Surfaces, we are experts when it comes to solid surfaces. As a result we have produced this guide to debunking Corian.

Corian Stains

This is the first myth surrounding Corian that needs debunking.

In reality Corian is stain resistant. All stains, caused by any spillage or material can be removed from a Corian surface.

However, this myth has emerged from the idea that tough marks on Corian can be difficult to remove. This leads us onto the second myth.

It’s Hard to Clean

This is not necessarily true. Most soaps, detergents and cleaners can be used safely on Corian and this will remove the vast majority of dirt or spills.

However, this myth has emerged from the fact that dedicated cleaning agents are available for Corian surfaces. This has led people to believe that regular products will not work on the surface. This is not true.

Corian is Flammable

This is the final myth that needs debunking.

Corian is actually heat resistant. It can withstand temperatures up to 21 degrees without altering. Cigarrette burns and marks left from boiling pans can be quickly and easily removed from a Corian surface.

This myth has emerged from the need to protect your Corian surface from direct contact with heat. This is simply a protective measure, to help maintain the surface and your investment in Corian.

If you would like to receive any further information, or for any help and advice with your Corian surface, get in touch today. Here at J and C solid surfaces we are always happy to help.

Why is Staron a number one choice for kitchen worktops?


A material created by Samsung, an innovative world leader in technology, Staron is a high quality and robust surface. Here at J and C Solid Surfaces, we create a range of worktops and surfaces using Staron. But why is this material a number one choice for worktops? And what makes Staron such a good choice?


Staron is an impressive material. It can be used for a stunning amount of applications. This is because it is perfect for moulding and sculpting into a range of shapes. Staron can be used to create impressive curved surfaces, perfect for creating a stunning visual feature. Alternatively, Staron can be used to fit into small spaces, tight gaps, grooves and inlays. As a result, the versatility of this material makes it perfect for just about any surface.


Staron has a wide range of colour choices that make it perfect for any colour scheme or room. In addition, Staron has the added bonus of being able to be polished or sanded. This means that the colours can range from high gloss to matte, doubling the potential of the material. Staron can also be lit from different angles. This can create a stunning wow feature for any home, especially because of the translucent properties of the material.


Staron is a robust surface option. It is a high quality material that is waterproof and stain resistant. This makes it a perfect choice for any kitchen or bathroom work-surface. In addition, this contemporary surface material does not react to sunlight. So no matter how well lit your kitchen is, this material will not bleach or fade because of natural light or hot sunbeams.

In summary

Staron is a perfect choice for any home. The ease of cutting and the ability to creating sweeping curves and bold statements with shape is a great advantage for this material. In addition, Staron boasts a range of colours and finishes that can suite any style or theme. Finally, Staron is a robust and practical solution that is waterproof, stain resistant, and does not react to sunlight. Why not check out our range of Staron today, at J and C Solid Surfaces.

Commercial Corian


Commercial Corian!

Although many people decide to include Corian into their home, many businesses and companies also like to incorporate Corian worktops within their workplace. This goes for any kind of commercial business including: hotels, bars, restaurants, receptions, retail and healthcare facilities. By working with a multitude of architects, designers and contractors, Corian is able to come to life and make your work space look like a dream!

By providing services that include project planning, design, manufacturing/fabrication and installation, employers are able to see their vision come to life and impress customers!


Worktops in this industry are an important part of any décor, by fabricating bespoke worktops to match the existing design and style, it is ensured to be not only stylish, but practical as well.


Bar worktops are such an important visual piece for any business as it needs to be able to attract customers easily. Because Corian is also non porous, this means that it can be easily cleaned and maintained.


First impressions really do count within the hospitality sector, and this is where Corian can really do its job. Corian is deigned to add visual appeal and by picking any type of design or style you want to fit the existing décor; you can’t go wrong. This also goes for reception areas, bathrooms and buffet stations.


Designed completely by hygienic Corian materials, this is a great decision if you are working within the healthcare sector and want your worktop to look stylish but also radiate 100% cleanliness.


Corian worktops provide a premium look and feel to your shop and really make customers feel welcome when they step inside. It instantly feels luxurious and provides your customers with a sense of importance while also showing that you care.

If you would like any further information, please contact us.

Corian Inspires Third World Countries!

There is a dire need for education all around the world, but especially in third world countries. A foundation called ‘The Floating City Apps’ have taken it on board themselves to design floating or mobile units that are placed at any location, but can also be moved about if desired. The material used for this is Corian as its high tech surfacing delivers hygiene, durability, and requires very little maintance.

Everybody knows how to work apps on their smartphone so the foundation has used the same principle here. Koen Olthius from Waterstudio N.L. said: “Imagine that the deprived area is hardware, then you can add functionality to it: the so called City Apps: smart units that act as a classroom or a data centre, are fitted with all the latest high tech facilities, such as tablets and the internet”. Waterstudio are an architectural bureau that is one of the organisers working on the project.

Because deprived areas are often located in areas with high levels of water, the units are fitted into a standard shipping container are transported to their destination. Once they are installed, they are fully operational straight away. Because the units are made with Corian, the material isn’t porous so it is very ideal in wetland situations and they are very easy to clean.

Corian can also be squeezed into any shape and seamlessly crafted to fit any design, which is very ideal for the unit’s interiors. They technology featured inside will be kept safe thanks to the strong and durable material. Not only does it work well, but Corian also looks great once the final product is finished. This high quality finish will show inhabitants and students that people are taking the area seriously enough and want to involve them in the digital world.

Corian Worktop Care 101!

Caring for your Corian worktops and basins should be one of your top priorities as keeping them well looked after and maintained it is guaranteed to last longer and look even more elegant than it did before. If you don’t know how, have no fear as we have listed the best ways on how to care for your Corian day in, day out!

Even though standard liquids cannot penetrate your Corian worktop, it’s always best to wipe away the spills when they occur. By using a damp microfiber cloth, gently wipe using a household kitchen spray, and remember to always clean in a circular motion.

Regarding your sinks, clean them once or twice a week to remove all the debris and grime that can build up over the days. Use a spray that has ¾ normal household bleach and ¼ water and spray it directly into the sink and then leave for a couple of hours, or to be extra clean, overnight. When ready, rinse or wipe the residue away. The sink will be gleaming once you’re finished!

If you’re dealing with rather resistant strains such as coffee, tea, dyes or condiments it’s always best to refer back to your guidelines and see how to remove them as standard household sprays won’t work. Hard water can also be an issue so if you happen to live in a hard water area, and you can’t remove any stains, apply ‘Viakal’ gel over the stained area and leave for roughly 2-4 minutes, remove with a damp microfiber cloth for the best results.

Always make sure that you avoid scorching on the worktops and use a heat protection mat if you can. Never place hot pans directly onto your worktop as this can damage it greatly. Also, do not pour boiling liquids onto worktops or sinks without then turning on your cold tap and this will damage the material and design.

If something like that does happen, do not hesitate to call.

Solid Surface Inspiration!

top facts about Hanex worktops

Whether it be in the kitchen or the bathroom, whatever solid surface you may have, they really make the room stand out and give it life. They give the room character and provide it with a polished, sleek look that is sure to make everybody jealous.

Nowadays, you can customize them, design them and even pick your own colours. By picking different materials, you can see which one goes best with your interior and really gives the room a modern vibe.

By combining different materials together, this can produce some fantastic results and you have a variety to choose from including wood, natural stone, glass and even metal.
And it doesn’t stop there. You can even have designs carved into them or moulded images to produce raised patterns and wonderful textures.

Because they come in all sorts of colours, you can pick which one you like the most! Ranging from translucent effects, metallic, vein or even just plain. There’s something for everyone!

If you prefer curves, then they come in that too! You don’t have to have just straight lines and edges, you can stick to one shape or even mix them up. You decide!

If you want to stand out from the crowd a bit more, how about something luminous? Choose from illuminated logos, glowing surfaces and even subtle lighting effects, the world is your oyster.

If you want something big, why don’t you choose something like marble or stone? They can be made so that they look virtually seamless, that’ll give the neighbours something to write home about.

If you have any queries or concerns please get in touch with us today and we’ll do our best to help!

We promise to guarantee you what you want, when you want it! You can count on us.

Designing a Kitchen with Corian!

top facts about Hanex worktops

Here at JC Solid Surfaces we make sure that what you want, it exactly what you get. So today we’ve decided to show you how we can help you design your very own kitchen with Corian! Most of all we want you to have fun whilst doing it, so whether your remodeling the whole room or you’re just fitting new countertops, we’re the team for you! By using Corian, we help you achieve the best results possible.

Your Kitchen Profile

When it comes to designing your kitchen, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what you like and dislike about your current kitchen and how you intend to use it in the future. Do you cook every night or are you more of a casual cook? Is the room more of a family area, do you need extra space for laptops, a TV, kids’ corner? Corian can be used for any of this, but make sure you know what you want as it lasts a very long time.

Your Time Slot

How long do you want it for? If you’re thinking about selling your property and increasing the price, then maybe more subtle undertones and hues will work for the countertops but if you’re planning to stay there, go all out and get creative!

Create a List

Make a list of everything you need including sinks, seating areas, breakfast bars, countertops and anything else you require. Also, take careful and precise measurements ad you don’t want your Corian to arrive too big or too small. You can even draw a sketch and have it handy when you come to see us!

You can also browse through our wide range of various Corian colour pallets and see which is best for you! We hope to hear from you soon!

The Advantages of owning a Corian Work Surface!

It’s no question that Corian worktops and surfaces are the best known within the market today. Whenever it’s mentioned, people tend to perk up and start imagining a top quality product with quite a big price tag.

Below we are going to explore the benefits of owning a worktop made from Corian and why more people should invest in getting them. We will also talk about their function and what you, the buyer should be aware of before you purchase one.

Corian is unlike other solid surfaces in which it doesn’t have a chipboard core. They are usually formed entirely from a certain acrylic resin that is combined with natural minerals. This means that it can provide you with never ending flexibility when it comes to the designing aspect.

Each worktop can be manipulated just like any other hardwood surface and the joints are made to look seamless. If this is done properly and with expert care, you can end up with a gorgeous, smooth finish which looks beautiful.

Corian also comes in a wide range of different colours and patterns to accommodate to everyone’s needs and tastes. There is definitely something for everybody which is why it is highly popular. Some colours such as dark, and heavily pigmented ones can sometimes show scratches whereas the lighter colours tend to not. See what is best for you and browse through the different designs.

Even though Corian looks good, it isn’t always just about the aesthetics. It’s exceedingly durable and very easy to live with. Although scratches do happen, it stands up for itself really well against daily wear and tear and resists most of the impacts normal work surfaces would face on a daily basis.

This is due to the material being non porous which helps to keep it clean and hygienic. You can rest assured knowing that dirt and other traces of bacteria can’t penetrate through the countertop which causes most other worktops to stop being fully functional. There are also no joints to act as grime taps – so as well as it looking great, you know it’s clean and safe to use always.

As stated above, if you do spot any scratches; another advantage is that any minor marks can be removed with ordinary cleaning products. Any major damages can also usually be repaired within your home by a professional as well!

One of the biggest factors that acts as a hurdle against whether or not to purchase Corian is the price. It is true that Corian is more expensive than other solid surfaces but it is also true that Corian is one of the most superior materials for worktops. The overall price will all depend on the type of style you want and also the colour. It’s not going to be cheap, but just remember that it is way more durable than other solid surfaces, it doesn’t require a lot of high cleaning maintance and it’s flexible.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Bring your surface to life with dye sublimation!

If your surfaces are looking a bit bland and boring, why not try this new trend of dye sublimation where you can transfer any design, logo or picture straight onto your surface! This could look perfect in your child’s bedroom or even your own, and who says it just has to be in there? Try it in your office, living room and kitchen too!

Solid surfaces are the perfect medium for this as the dye is dependent on acrylic or polyester bases as they have an ability to bond with the dyes that are being used.

To start off, select your desired picture that you want transferring and then provide it to your dye sublimation specialist. Please remember to check with them beforehand to make sure that your image meets the necessary requirements to help them create a viable image file ready for sublimation.

And remember, your image doesn’t have to be just black and white, you can add whatever colours you like. Have something to match the walls, or something that will really bring your room to attention, pastels or pizazz, it’s your choice!

After that, the specialist will print your image onto an ink transfer plate and then heat up both the plate and the solid surface material. Once they reach the correct temperature, a vacuum process is used to transfer the ink into the solid surface.

And that’s it! Your image is permanently embedded, giving it a more artistic and unique style. You can even opt for a matte or high gloss finish depending on the look that you want to achieve.

This is something that is quickly receiving more popularity as each day passes as it’s a window for any home to look that much quirkier and eccentric.