Corian worktops for kitchens

As a high quality, durable and robust solid surface material, Corian is a clear leader when it comes to kitchen worktop material choices. Here at J and C Solid Surfaces, we use a range of materials, from Staron to Hi-Macs, but Corian remains the number one choice. So what makes this material so fantastic? And why are Corian worktops for kitchens so popular?


One of the great aspects of Corian is its ability to be shaped by thermaforming. This means that Corian can be bent and shaped beautifully in any way you desire, to fit any space. As a result, your kitchen worktops can make use of dramatic sweeping curves, or gentle curved edges. Whatever you need, Corian can help you achieve your goals.

In addition, if you have tight alcoves, small gaps, or just awkward spaces, Corian can be shaped to fit exactly to the space you have. This creates one solid, seamless surface, created exactly for your dimensions.


Whether you need a black or white surface, or something a little more interesting, Corian is the surface for you. With a huge range of colour options to suit any kitchen colour scheme or theme, Corian is perfect for any kitchen.

Also, there are 3 types of Corian finish. These are matt, semi-gloss and high gloss. So whether you need a super reflective surface to boost the light, or a matt finish, Corian is the easy way to get it right.


Finally, Corian is extremely tough and hard-wearing. It’s durability is incredible, and that is what makes it perfect for kitchen worktops. Being both waterproof and stain-proof, what more do you need from a kitchen worktop?

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by J and C Solid Surfaces