Here at J & C Solid Surfaces, we specialise in offering the full package of services for a range of domestic and industry based clients. We are happy to work alongside tradesmen, property owners, kitchen fitters, contractors, architects, designers and commercial clients alike to supply a solution that satisfies your needs. Our superior service guides you through every step of the process from start to finish and we are happy to be as involved as you need us to be when it comes to designing, producing and installing your solid surface.

When it comes to choosing the right surface to meet your requirements, it can be an incredibly complicated and technically daunting task. With a dizzying amount of choices and constantly changing interior décor trends, more and more consumers are investing bigger portions of their budget in solid surfaces, worktops, counters and bars that will last a long time. After all, embarking on a big job like the renovation of your domestic or commercial property isn’t something you’re going to do every year; once the job is done, and done well, you’ll understandably want to reap the positive benefits of it for years to come.


Knowing your materials is an important place to start. Here at J & C Solid Surfaces, we share the knowledge that we have acquired over years in the business with our clients, making sure that you know everything you need to know about the materials you are choosing.

Most solid surface materials are made up of incredibly hard-wearing resins that contain mineral fillers. These come in two main types, acrylic or polyester, and are both available in a breath-taking selection of colours, patterns, designs and textures.


A popular acrylic surface that most people have heard of is Corian. The great thing about Corian is that it is versatile, so it can cater for all your needs. It can be thermoformed to absolutely any shape you would like with no restrictions. Another impressive aspect of Corian is that if it suffers a little wear and tear over the years, it can easily be restored back to its original brilliance without you needing to incur any extra expense completely replacing the surface. This makes Corian incredibly good value for money.

Corian generally comes with a 10-year guarantee, helping to give you greater reassurance of its durability. It is available in both matt and sheen finishes to suit your tastes and can be fabricated to any required depth you decide upon.


We supply a wonderful range of Staron surfaces too, which work beautifully as sinks, drainers, kitchen worktops or bathroom surfaces. Staron can be bonded and fabricated to resist moisture and is perfectly food-safe, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchens and bars. The lovely thing about Staron is that its composition allows it to retain the colour throughout the material and not just at the top level, giving it an amazing design potential to incorporate eye-catching patterns and motifs.

LG High-Macs

Hi-Macs offer the best of both worlds in terms of combining all the benefits of desirable stone surfaces, like fashionable quartz or marble, with the perks of a more practical acrylic surface. It makes a perfectly non-porous solid surface that requires little to no maintenance; it is sturdy, durable, adaptable, incredibly hygienic and reassuringly stain-resistant. All that’s needed to keep it clean is a cloth and some mild detergent.