Hanex in hotels

When it comes to Hanex, we are the experts here at J and C Solid Surfaces. Hanex is a fantastic solid surface option for both domestic and commercial purposes. But how versatile is Hanex and how can it be used in hotels? Well take a look at our guide to Hanex in hotels.

Hanex in hotel bathrooms

From the sink to the shower or bath, your whole bathroom can make use of and benefit from Hanex solid surfaces. No matter what size and shape you have available, Hanex can be thermaformed into the exact dimensions and the perfect shape. So whether its a full size bath or a counter-top with built in sink, Hanex can provide a stylish and contemporary solution.

The advantages of using Hanex in the bathroom are numerous and include:

⦁ no joins for mould and bacteria to thrive in
⦁ easy to clean and maintain
⦁ hard-wearing and durable
⦁ waterproof

Hanex in hotel bars

If your hotel has a bar or restaurant area, why not make the most of Hanex solid surfaces? A long bar is commonplace, but with a Hanex solid surface you can sculpt yours into something fascinating and visually interesting. Whether its dramatic curves or just curved edges, Hanex is a material perfect for Hotel Bars. Add in the perfect lighting, and your worktop will really stand out.

The advantages of using Hanex for bars include:

⦁ the durability of Hanex- it will withstand any potential mistreatment from rowdy customers
⦁ easy to clean
⦁ available in a range of colours so it will match your colour scheme or completely stand out
⦁ waterproof

Hanex in hotel kitchens

But that’s not all. You can also use Hanex to great effect in hotel kitchens. Hanex is a fully hygienic solid surface, with no creases or joins for food and bacteria to dwell. It is also non-porous so a simple wipe down will remove any potentially dangerous micro-organisms.

To select your own Hanex worktops, take a look at what we can offer today, here at J and C Solid Surfaces.

by J and C Solid Surfaces