The advantages of Solid Surface Shower Bases

While choosing the base for your shower might not fill you with excitement, it is an important practical consideration. In fact, it might just make a huge difference to how perfect your bathroom will be. Here at J and C Solid Surfaces, we are solid surface experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of solid surface shower bases.


When compared to other shower basin options, a solid surface shower base is incredibly low maintenance. This is because it doesn’t have any grout joints which can become green, blackened, or mouldy over time. As a result, you can say goodbye to the hassle of re-grouting.

Design range

Solid surface shower bases can be designed in any way. They can be used to compliment angled, curved, or block shaped glass with no issues. They can also be custom designed which can create an impressive wow feature for your bathroom.


Unlike some plastic shower bases, solid surfaces are incredibly hard wearing and durable. This means that they are less likely to crack. Also as there are no seams or joins, there are less points of weakness. As a result, a solid surface shower base will be completely waterproof.

Accessibility options

The curb sizes and shapes on shower bases can cause difficulty for lots of people with mobility issues. However, solid surface shower bases can be designed and created with accessibility options in mind. With a variety of curb styles, your shower can be safer and more accessible.

Customisable drain location

If you are fitting a new shower, being able to choose the draining location can be a huge advantage. This is because moving the pipework and drains can be a costly and intrusive job. If you can have the option to keep your draining system in place, you can save time and money. As a result, solid surface shower bases again are the better option.

In summary

If you are fitting a new bathroom or shower, consider the many advantages of solid surface shower bases. In fact, solid surfaces have a range of bathroom uses, why not contact us at J and C Solid Surfaces today, to find out more.

by J and C Solid Surfaces