Creativity and Corian

When it comes to Corian as a solid surface material, there are a huge variety of uses and applications. As a result, you can get creative. Whether its your home, or your business, a hotel, or a store, Corian is a fantastic solid surface to work with. Here at J and C Solid Surfaces, we are Corian experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to creativity and corian.

Creativity in design

Designers and architects are thriving on different applications of solid surfaces. From lighting designs, to colours and curves, solid surfaces like Corian offer a huge range of possibilities. Create a vivid, exciting, and invigorating space with an incredible solid surface design.

Curves and waves

As Corian is a flexible material when heated, it can be thermoformed into a range of shapes, while also being rounded at the edges to give a smooth finish. This is a fantastic way to create an ergonomically safe space.

As a result, sweeping, steady curves are being coupled with classic design principles to create stunning visual features. Whether it’s the gym reception counter, or your own kitchen worktop, Corian curves are versatile and can suit a variety of spaces.

Intricate textures and design

Engraving Corian solid surfaces is a great way to add texture, detail and pattern, to the usually flat solid surface. Using CNC machinery, you can create the exact pattern with the exact dimensions that you want to add. This makes it perfect for adding graphics, logos and imagery in an innovative way. So why settle for the same old material, when you can customise your own solid surface?

Corian and Light

With the possibility of translucent Corian, you can experiment with styles of light. Under counter lighting in the kitchen can become a fantastic design effect when it lights up your curved Corian work surface. Or alternatively, lighting in your hotel reception can really capture the intricacies of the textured Corian counter. The possibilities for Corian and light, really are endless.

If you have Corian in mind for your latest project, why not contact us today, here at J and C Solid Surfaces?

by J and C Solid Surfaces