Staron for kitchens

One of the best solid surfaces available is Staron. This is a solid surface material created by Samsung, top of technology and a real innovator. Here at J and C Solid Surfaces, this is one of our preferred materials to work with. But why is it so highly thought of? And what makes Staron a fantastic choice for kitchens? This is our guide to Staron for kitchens.

Easily shaped

Staron is stunning material that is perfect for shaping and sculpting into a variety of shapes for a variety of purposes. This makes it perfect for creating worktops, work surfaces, and sinks and draining boards, in whichever shape you would prefer. It also means that Staron can be used to wedge in any gaps, of any shape, to create a really seamless design.

Range of Colour

Staron isn’t just easily shaped, it is also available in a huge range of colour choices. This makes it perfect for any colour scheme in any room in the home. The colours can be glossy and shiny, or dull matt depending on what you need. This is because Staron as a material can be highly polished or sanded, according to the visual results you are aiming for.


Finally, Staron for kitchens is a fantastic choice. Not only is it easily shaped to fit your unique designs, as well as being available in a huge range of colours, it is also incredibly practical. Staron does not stain, and is fully waterproof, without requiring any additional maintenance, unlike natural timber or natural stone.

In addition, Staron does not react to sunlight. This means that no matter how many aluminium roof lanterns you add, or full length glass panels, your work surfaces are not going to become bleached by the sun.

If you are looking for a practical and personal solid surface material for your kitchen, contact us today at J and C Solid Surfaces.

by J and C Solid Surfaces